It was a great honour to be the Brand Manager and Task Force Coordinator for Estonia’s United Nations Security Council campaign for 2020-2021 / Suur au oli olla Eesti ÜRO julgeolekunõukogu mittealalise liikmesuse kampaania 2020-2021 brändijuht ja meeskonna koordinaator

Estonian United Nations Security Council campaign team in Tallinn with the President of Estonia Mrs. Kersti Kaljulaid. (photo by Arno Mikkor)

Kampaania brändist ja visuaaliast loe lähemalt SIIT ning kampaania VIDEO leiad SIIT

Besides being the coordinator for the campaign team, in my portfolio was also creating all visuals together with our design wizard Jan Tomson and Mrs. Helen Rits from the Estonian mission to the UN in New York.

Look at the samples and the story behind our BRAND  and see the VISUALS

I also managed the production of the campaign VIDEO

This beautiful brand for Estonia – a STAMP of QUALITY – became victorious on the June 7th 2019 at the voting by the United Nations General Assembly in New York, when Estonia won the seat as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for 2020-2021.

Estonia: equality, empathy, efficiency

My article about home improvement: “15 easy tips and tricks how to quickly make your home cozy” / Mu artikkel Postimehe Kodustiilis “15 lihtsat ideed, kuidas kodu kiirelt hubaseks muuta”

Photo by: Tiia Nightingale

On saabunud parim aeg unistuste elluviimiseks! Kuna pikk segaduste periood ja sulgemiste saaga on kõik ära väsitanud, siis on kerge tulema tunne, et tahaks kodu värskendada ja hea tujuga suvele vastu minna. Kuidas seda aga teha lihtsalt ja kiirelt? Algustuseks võiks kodule tiiru peale teha ja üle vaadata, mis on need asjad, mida kergesti muuta ja värskendada saab.

Seda kuidas – loe edasi mu artiklist Postimehe rubriigis Kodustiil:

Täisteksti näed lugeda ka siit:

It was a great honour to be part of the team organising Louis Kahn exhibiton in New York / Suur au oli olla Louis Kahni New Yorgi näituse korraldusmeeskonnas

Photo credit:

About the exhibition “From Island To Island: The Creative Journey of Louis Kahn”:

Read more about Louis Kahn

It is a great honour to be one of the establishing members of the Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association / On suur au olla Eesti NATO Ühingu üks asutajaliikmetest

2. veebruaril 2021 sai Eesti NATO Ühing juba 20 aastaseks. Olles selle ühingu üks asutajaliikmetest (idee sai alguse aastal 2000 ning ametlik asutamine toimus aastal 2001) on mul väga uhke ja hea tunne tagasi vaadata selle organisatsiooni võimsalt tegusale ajaloole. Ühing oli, on ja jääb üheks oluliseks keskkonnaks ja vahendiks elanikkonna teavituses ning tegevuses riigikaitse alal. //

VIDEO: 20 years of EATA // Eesti NATO Ühing – 20 aastat aktiivset tegevust

Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association celebrated its 20th birthday on February 2nd, 2021. Being one of its establishing members (EATA was planned already on 2000 and officially established on 2001), I feel very proud of its success during all these years. The oragnisation (EATA) has been, is, and will remain one of the important public environments for information and activities in the field of national defense.

In 2003 Estonia and NATO signed the accession protocols in Brussels. Here I am (in the middle) – a happy young diplomat then – with NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson and Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ms. Kristiina Ojuland // Aastal 2003 kirjutasid Brüsselis Eesti ja NATO alla liitumisprotokollile. Siin ma olen (keskel) – tollal noor ja õnnelik diplomaat – koos NATO peasekretär Lord Robertsoni ja Eesti välisminister Kristiina Ojulandiga

My book “Cherry Is Looking For A Husband” / Mu raamat “Kirsi otsib meest” nüüd ka inglise keeles

Link to the book: “Cherry Is Looking For A Husband”

The events of the book “Cherry Is Looking For A Husband” are taken from real life and there is joy of recognition both for women and men. Cherry’s soul, brain and other areas are impacted by dark-haired Oliver, a hypnotic documentarist Michael-the-Flash, Jacob who is sighing inside a dusty carpet roll under a bench in his friend’s sauna, trying to sleep off the drink, and many other gentlemen. Everybody wants to be happy. But how? Beautiful Cherry kept hoping, smiling and firmly believing that she would find hers. Come what may, she would not give up searching!

Tiia Nightingale is an experienced creative writer who uses the softening power of humour to deal with such serious subjects as singledom of women due to demography, dependence on men, unfaithfulness, relationships’ fragility and changing in time.

See also the PHOTO GALLERY from the Estonian book-signing event in Tallinn Vanalinna Rahva Raamat book shop in Tallinn Old Town on December, 17th 2019.

*  *  *

Link raamatule “KIRSI OTSIB MEEST” Pilgrimi firmapoes (vaata ka teisi raamatukauplusi allpool)

Raamatu “Kirsi otsib meest” sündmused on pärit reaalsest elust ja äratundmisrõõmu on nii naistel kui meestel. Kirsi hinge, ajudesse ja mujale sisenevad oliivikarva Oliver, hüpnootiline dokumentalist Välgu-Mihkel, pingi all tolmuse vaibarulli sees ohkav, joogist pead välja magav Jakob ning paljud teised. Kõik tahavad olla õnnelikud. Aga kuidas? Kaunis Kirsi aina lootis ja naeratas ning uskus kindlalt, et saagu mis saab – otsingutes ta alla ei anna!

Tiia Nightingale on kogenud loovkirjutaja, kes huumori pehmendava jõuga pakub sissevaadet sellistesse tõsistesse teemadesse nagu demograafiast tingitud naiste üksindus, sõltumine meestest, truudusetus, paarisuhete haprus ja muutumine ajas.

Raamat on saadavad poodides:


Rahva Raamat

Pilgrim  …

… ja mujal. Ning kui juhtub, et raamat on poest otsa saanud, siis küsi julgesti müüjalt ning nad kohe tellivad juurde.

Raamat on nüüd saadaval ka E-RAAMATUNA:

Rahva Raamatus




Vaata ka FOTOGALERIID esitluselt Tallinnas Vanalinna Rahva Raamatus 17. detsembril 2019 /Photo gallery from the book signing event in Tallinn:  FOTOGALERII / PHOTOS

Kontakt/Contact: Tiia Nightingale – info (at)

Had a great experience working in television as the Editor-in-Chief of “Tallinn Panorama” / Oli hea kogemus töötada telesaate “Tallinna panoraam” peatoimetajana

Here is a story how Luxembourg city started free public transport using Tallinn as a model, and what locals think about it./ Siin näiteks üks lugu sellest, kuidas Luxembourgi linn võttis Tallinna eeskujul kasutusele tasuta ühistranspordi, ning kuidas kohalikud sellesse suhtuvad.

My book “Slum Diplomats: The Comical Side of Affairs” / Mu raamat “Slummidiplomaadid” inglisekeelses tõlkes

Slum Diplomats: The Comical Side of Affairs is a translation of the Estonian version “Slummidiplomaadid” (published in 2013) written under the pen name Marina Elbasaar. “Slummidiplomaadid” was a No.1 bestseller in Estonia.

Slum Diplomats: The Comical Side of Affairs” is a collection of nostalgic short stories about life and friendship of two young female diplomats – an Estonian Nora and an Estonian-Russian Olga. We get an intimately close look into their childhood and youth in Soviet-times Estonia, their later career struggles, power games and joyful parties in the Ministry, colourful memories from NATO and European Institutions, their trips to Afghanistan, Moscow, Suzdal, Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg and many other fascinating places. At the same time Nora’s and Olga’s good friend teacher Emma is happening to get into different sexual adventures while desperately looking for a husband.

These humorous short stories in the form of literary études are meant for entertainment for adults.

Link to the book is: HERE

The pen name Marina Elbasaar was chosen as Marina sounds equally lovely in Estonian and in Russian, (there are two main protagonists in the book – Estonian Hella and Estonian-Russian Alla), and Elbasaar (Elba island – famous from Napoleon’s time in exilesaar means island in Estonian) came naturally as the book was born during an exile on an exotic island in the Atlantic ocean.

ERR radio (in Estonian) Actress Liivika Hanstin is reading chapters from the book “Slum Diplomats” at the Radio of the Estonian Public Broadcasting (former Estonian National Broadcasting) Actress Liivika Hanstin won the Award of the Radio Theatre 2013 for this performance.






The Estonian version is available HERE

My translation of a great book “Saltwater Buddha” by an American writer and journalist Jaimal Yogis / Tõlkisin inglise keelest eesti keelde USA kirjaniku ja ajakirjaniku Jaimal Yogis’e suurepärase raamatu “Surfi Buddha”

I am very happy to announce that I have translated a truly great book by Jaimal Yogis – “Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer’s Quest to Find Zen on the Sea” – from English into Estonian.

Armsad sõbrad, on suurim heameel jagada uudist, et ilmus mu tõlge Jaimal Yogise suurepärasele raamatule “Surfi Buddha. Ühe surfari zeniotsingud merel.”

Siin link eestikeelsele raamatule/ Here is the link to the Estonian book:

ja mõned katkendid / and some extracts in Estonian:

Jaimal Yogis, zen-surfer and American journalist writes open heartedly in his first book “Saltwater Buddha: A Surfer’s Quest to Find Zen on the Sea” about his own life. How as a teenager he ran away from home to find freedom and truth. How he half-starvingly pursued his biggest dream in life – to become a great surfer. In a light tone he tells us how he stared at walls for days as a fake monk in a monastery and dived deeply into Buddhism. He takes us with him to New York, California, The Azores, France, to the stormy seas and calm mountains to find zen, from the bottom of the ocean to the mountain tops.
Jaimal Yogis’ view of life is free and fearless, but realistic like Buddha’s, who he for the honest statement – life is suffering – calls a party breaker. At the same time together with Buddha he gives us a key how to handle the wheel of life and death calmly.
His sincere stories are light in tone, but very deeply educating. This book is a mirror, and a companion on the road to meeting yourself.
– Tiia Nightingale, translator of the book from English into Estonian.
Jaimal Yogis, zen-surfarist Ameerika ajakirjanik, jutustab oma esimeses raamatus „Surfi Buddha – ühe surfari zeniotsingud merel” täiesti avameelselt omaenda elust. Sellest, kuidas ta noorukina kodust põgenes, et leida vabadus ja tõde. Kuidas ta poolnäljasena ajas taga oma suurimat unistust – saada suurepäraseks surfariks. Kergel naljatoonil jutustab autor oma elust valemungana kloostris, kus ta päevade kaupa seinu vahtis ja sügavale budismi sukeldus. Ta viib meid Hawaiile, New Yorki, Californiasse, Assooridele, Prantsusmaale, tormisele merele ja mägedesse otsima vabadust, tõde ja zeni, ookeanipõhjast mäetippudeni. Jaimal Yogise maailmavaade on vaba ja julge, kuid realistlik nagu Buddhal, keda ta ausa tõdemuse – elu on kannatus – väljaütlemise pärast peorikkujaks nimetab. Samas annab ta koos Buddhaga meile kätte võtme, kuidas elu ja surmaratast rahulikult võtta. Tema siirad lood on toonilt kerged, kuid sügavalt harivad. See raamat on suurepärane peegel ja kaaslane teekonnal kohtumisele iseendaga.
– Tiia Nightingale, raamatu tõlkija