My interview with Brent Kutzle of the world famous band OneRepublic on the occasion of their concert in Tallinn

Foto of One Republic interview by Tiia Nightingale

OneRepublic’s music has brains and soul, it is not over-complicated nor is it hollow showing off or bragging. They have symbols and deep meaningful content. Their videos are telling lively stories. They are about life’s complicated sides, but carry solutions, or come up with some wise conclusions at least. Their rhythms don’t let you huddle in the corner.

When you listen for example to the strongly rhythmical song «Love Runs Out», you will feel at your heart chakra a kind of solution pulsating. At a concert their music makes all your earthly body dance along, lets your soul feel happiness and joy, while your mind calmly gathers its thoughts.

By Tiia Nightingale, for the Estonian Entertainment and Lifestyle Magazine Kroonika.

OPEN THIS to read the FULL INTERVIEW/ LUGU SAAB LUGEDA SIIT:  OneRepublic in English

Eesti keeles ilmus lugu ajakirjas Kroonika, 3. oktoobril 21014.

Interview with Brent Kutzle of OneRepublic

Where do you see yourselves in 20 years?

I’m sure we’ll all still be doing music (maybe not as a band) and our families will be huge at that point. I see ending up playing cello in a symphony and producing younger bands like ourselves.

What are you most afraid of?

There are many things to be afraid of but I’m most afraid of not overcoming most of those fears. As we grow we either learn to overcome them or decide we’d like to keep them as fears. I’d like to overcome them.

Ryan Tedder has said to Billboard that he is happy to see and hear that there is a “trend back towards real songs and great, honest songwriting trumping flashy or overblown production.” Can you give some great examples of this honest songwriting?

One of the first examples that came out of nowhere, somewhat recently, was Adele. She basically made the type of music the world was really missing. People feel real over contrived on a deep and instinctual level. Many other acts and bands have followed in her footsteps as of recent, but I believe she reopened a door that had been, sadly, closed for the longest time. UK acts tend to do that.

OneRepublic concert took place in Tallinn on November 11, 2014.

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