My book “Slum Diplomats: The Comical Side of Affairs” / Mu raamat “Slummidiplomaadid” inglisekeelses tõlkes

Slum Diplomats: The Comical Side of Affairs is a translation of the Estonian version “Slummidiplomaadid” (published in 2013) written under the pen name Marina Elbasaar. “Slummidiplomaadid” was a No.1 bestseller in Estonia.

Slum Diplomats: The Comical Side of Affairs” is a collection of nostalgic short stories about life and friendship of two young female diplomats – an Estonian Nora and an Estonian-Russian Olga. We get an intimately close look into their childhood and youth in Soviet-times Estonia, their later career struggles, power games and joyful parties in the Ministry, colourful memories from NATO and European Institutions, their trips to Afghanistan, Moscow, Suzdal, Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg and many other fascinating places. At the same time Nora’s and Olga’s good friend teacher Emma is happening to get into different sexual adventures while desperately looking for a husband.

These humorous short stories in the form of literary études are meant for entertainment for adults.

Link to the book is: HERE

The pen name Marina Elbasaar was chosen as Marina sounds equally lovely in Estonian and in Russian, (there are two main protagonists in the book – Estonian Hella and Estonian-Russian Alla), and Elbasaar (Elba island – famous from Napoleon’s time in exilesaar means island in Estonian) came naturally as the book was born during an exile on an exotic island in the Atlantic ocean.

ERR radio (in Estonian) Actress Liivika Hanstin is reading chapters from the book “Slum Diplomats” at the Radio of the Estonian Public Broadcasting (former Estonian National Broadcasting) Actress Liivika Hanstin won the Award of the Radio Theatre 2013 for this performance.






The Estonian version is available HERE